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Epi-Essentials Press Release - 10/5/2011

Allergic Living Magazine - "Holiday Gift Guide" (2011) 

Allergymoms.com - "New Food Allergy Medicine Carrier " (Oct.  2011)

Best Ever You  Review - "Blue Ribbon Awards" for new product ideas (Nov. 2011)

Loudoun Allergy Network - "Epi-Essentials Emergency Medication Carriers"  (Dec. 2011)

Peanut Allergy News - "New Handbag Line For Carrying Epinephrine" (Mar. 2012)

Food Allergy Education Network:  "5 Days of Give-Aways" (May 2012)

Coping with Allergies & Asthma - "New Product for People Coping with Anaphylaxis" (Winter 2012)

Gratefulfoodie.com- "EpiPen Carrier Sale Alert" (Sept. 2012)


Allergic Living Magazine - "Mother's Day Gift Guide" (2013)

Gratefulfoodie.com - "Stylish EpiPen and Auvi-Q Carrier Fundraiser" (Aug. 2013)

Safe Eats - Neato: Stylish Cases from Epi-Essentials (2013) 

Six Sensational Gifts for the Food Allergic  (December 2013)

Smart Allergy Friendly Education - Who thought carrying Epi's could be so stylish? (March 2014) 

Allergyphoods.com (2014) 



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